Motocaddy electric caddies bring the best design, build, and functionality to golfers of all ages and abilities. Take your pick from the wide range of performance-enhancing features, including cutting-edge remote control navigation, Downhill Control, USB device charging, and best-in-class technology, including touchscreen GPS and smartphone alerts...

The award-winning M-Series electric caddy range is packed with game-enhancing features to make walking the course an even more enjoyable experience. Powered by a next-generation 28V high power system - making them twice as powerful as traditional caddies - all M-Series models include a super-lightweight waterproof (IP66) Lithium battery; a powerful, whisper-quiet 230W motor; simple handle height adjustment and oversize tubing for ultimate handle stability.

Packed with game-enhancing features, the M-Series is powered by a 28V high-power system, making it twice as powerful as traditional trolleys & allowing it to use a super-light compact Lithium battery. Other standout features include a powerful, whisper-quiet 230W motor; simple handle height adjustment; oversize tubing for ultimate handle stability & the ability to transport and charge the battery without the need to remove it. Whatever your needs, there's an M-Series trolley for you.

The world's easiest bag-connection system

The exclusive EASILOCK® system – featured across all Motocaddy trolleys and bags – is designed to lock the cart bag onto the trolley and remove the need for a lower bag strap. Two holes on the trolley’s bag support are aligned with two removable pins on the base of all new Motocaddy cart bags; ensuring golfers can lock their bag onto the trolley before using the upper bag strap to secure it completely.

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