Motocaddy Launches New High-Performance Electric Caddies

US M-Series Launch

Motocaddy has launched new high-performance models incorporating game-enhancing features and modern styling designed to help walking golfers enjoy the experience even more.

Responding to the growing trend among American golfers to turn away from riding carts to improve their health, the all-new M5 GPS DHC and M1 DHC models combine a sleek automotive-inspired design with a host of innovative features, including:

  • A revolutionary CLICK ‘N’ CONNECT® cable-free Lithium battery that integrates into the stylish design seamlessly;
  • Patented battery auto-disconnect technology that automatically powers off the caddy when folded, plus a revolutionary pop-up port for quick and easy charging;
  • Ergonomic handle grips suitable for left and right-handed golfers;
  • Low-profile aerodynamic tires with high performance tread;;
  • A new retractable rear anti-tip tire as an optional extra if preferred.
US M-Series Launch

“We’ve invested heavily in R&D and our talented in-house design team has developed the new M-Series caddies using Virtual Reality and rapid-prototyping alongside A.I. technologies,” said Motocaddy Inc. Joint Vice President of Sales, Mike Samoles. “Matched with the tried-and-tested reliability and build quality associated with Motocaddy, we know these new electric caddies will prove popular with golfers of all ages and abilities,” he added.

The new M5 GPS DHC offers fast, accurate, high-performance GPS through its super-responsive crystal-clear 3.5" touchscreen display. Boasting 40,000 pre-loaded courses with distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, there is also essential hazard information. The advanced GPS software includes a Dynamic Green view that shows the shape of the green being played, as well as drag and drop pin positions for ultimate approach shot planning. Shots can also be measured and scores tracked, while an on-screen clock and round timer aid pace-of-play.

Golfers can stay connected with Bluetooth® smartphone alerts and WIFI updates, plus exclusive access to Motocaddy’s cellular-powered Performance Plan. The no-obligation upgrade starts with a six-month free trial and allows golfers to unlock a selection of stunning hi-tech game management features. These include access to full-hole mapping with the ability to move the target for ultimate shot planning; a detailed green view including greenside hazards; score and statistic tracking; performance analysis; real-time course updates to ensure access to the latest mapping; and notifications of software updates with ‘on-the-go’ downloads. Additional features include Adjustable Distance Control (up to 60 yards), a USB charging port, and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

US M-Series Launch

The award-winning Motocaddy DHC technology automatically regulates the caddy’s speed while moving down hills, helping golfers stay in complete hands-free control. This combines with all-terrain tires and an electronic parking brake to hold the caddy on both uphill and downhill lies. Available with a Blue trim, the M5 GPS DHC is priced at $1,449 MSRP with a lightweight yet long-lasting ULTRA Lithium battery.

US M-Series Launch

The M1 DHC is the world's easiest-to-use compact electric caddy, thanks to its simple folding system with space-saving inverting wheels, impressive LCD widescreen display, nine-speed settings, and Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45-yards). A speed indicator and battery meter feature along with a USB charging port, handle height adjustment, and a convenient auto-open stand for easy storage and transportation. Automatic downhill control (DHC) is also included, along with an electronic parking brake and all-terrain tires.

Available with a red trim, the M1 DHC is priced at just $899 MSRP to appeal to as many golfers as possible, especially those looking to upgrade from a push cart.

US M-Series Launch

The new electric caddies join the brand’s award-winning remote models – the M7 GPS REMOTE and M7 REMOTE – in its new M-Series range. The M7 GPS REMOTE is the world's most intelligent remote-controlled electric caddy and the first of its kind in North America with fully integrated touchscreen GPS, Bluetooth® smartphone alerts, WIFI updates, and cellular connectivity. Stand-out features include:

  • The world’s most advanced GPS technology with 12-months free access to the cellular-powered Performance Plan to unlock a selection of hi-tech game management features;
  • Super-fast GPS with a crystal-clear 3.5” touchscreen display;
  • A highly responsive remote navigation system with rechargeable handset;
  • Distances to the front, middle, and back of greens, plus hazards for 40,000 courses;
  • Hole mapping, dynamic green view, plus ‘drag and drop’ pin locations.

The most popular model for U.S. golfers, the M7 REMOTE features a rechargeable handset, impressive remote-control range, removable anti-tip rear tire, and cutting-edge downhill control technology for unrivaled handling, regardless of terrain. Additional features include a next-generation high-power 28.8V system, powerful 230W DHC twin motors, handle control mode, a removable anti-tip rear tire, a 360° rotating front wheel, plus the exclusive EASILOCK® bag-to-caddy connection system that removes the need for a lower bag strap.