Powered caddies the preferred choice for global golfers

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A growing number of avid golfers are likely to regard powered caddies as the most satisfying method of getting around a golf course and an increasing number are choosing to use them more frequently, according to independent research contained in a new report charting the history of the golfing caddie - from the knowledgeable human bag carriers to the ultimate modern powered equivalents offering high tech features, while reducing strain on the body.

Of the regular golfers surveyed in eight of the world’s top golf-playing nations, powered caddies were used by up to two thirds of golfers in some markets. In the US, there was still a strong preference for driving a cart but one in 10 used a powered caddy most frequently. Encouragingly 43% of U.S. golfers surveyed are currently walking the course, continuing the trend attributed in part to restrictions imposed during the height of the COVID pandemic and accelerated by the health and fitness benefits offered. Nearly all golfers who did use powered caddies were satisfied with this method of transporting their clubs, and satisfaction with this method was much higher (76% very satisfied) than for golfers who used other methods (45% very satisfied). The research also shows that in just two years, Motocaddy is the most considered’ electric caddy for purchase in the USA, while the innovative brand is the one most likely to be recommended to a friend by American golfers with experience of its products.

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The 2022 Motocaddy Report, a 28-page document published this month by the world’s biggest-selling powered caddy brand, reveals that the global market for the product category is forecast to reach an estimated $200m by 2030, representing a potential 44% rise since 2020. It also includes views about electric caddies or ‘walking carts’ in some of the world’s leading golf playing countries – the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia Japan & South Korea – where most golfers say being able to walk without strain is the biggest benefit, as well as having more energy and enjoyment for the experience.

Findings from the survey* saw American golfers identify a number of health and performance benefits from using a powered caddy, with 48% of golfers saying they enjoy being able to walk without the strain of carrying a bag. A further 43% noted that golf becomes more enjoyable with an electric caddy and 28% of golfers attributed an improvement to his or her fitness. Thanks to powered caddies, American golfers have also found they’ve been able to play more golf and continue to play when fatigue or injury would typically restrict them. Over a third (39%) of golfers said that they were playing more golf as a result of owning an electric caddy with 49% of those surveyed wishing they had switched to one sooner.

“These results demonstrate the considerable impact Motocaddy has already made in the American market since its arrival in 2020,” said Marketing Director, Oliver Churcher. “We constantly aim to develop industry-leading products with cutting edge technologies to make the game more enjoyable for everyone, and the findings from this survey will prove invaluable. With upcoming advancements to our award-winning M-Series range, we hope to see Motocaddy further solidify its reputation in the American market moving forward,” he added. Findings from the survey were overwhelmingly positive for Motocaddy, with three of the features on the brand’s compact M-Series models regarded as the most important considerations for American golfers when purchasing a new powered caddy - descent speed control, GPS and a reliable hands-free remote control. Each of these desirable modern features is incorporated across the popular M7 REMOTE and M5 GPS DHC models currently available.

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Not having to push a cart around the course was also seen as a notable benefit by American golfers, with nearly a third willing to spend $1,500 on a new electric caddy and the M7 REMOTE model is seen as the ideal choice.

Motocaddy is regarded as the ‘most considered’ powered caddy brand in the UK, Ireland and France, while also ranking among the top three brands in Germany and Australia, while golfers in Asia prefer ride-on carts or human caddies.

On a global basis, most golfers using powered caddies own rather than rent them and almost half are very likely to buy another model in the near future. More than 10% of powered caddy owners in France, Germany, Australia and the USA have owned them for less than a year.

Improved scoring and performance can often be attributed to the regular use of a powered caddy, with nearly half playing more often (46%) and nearly a third playing better when using one. Equally importantly, powered caddies are credited with helping golfers sustain the same amount of play when fatigue or injury might have otherwise stopped or reduced their playing time.

With 93% of powered caddy owners being ‘very or quite’ satisfied with their purchase, they are also likely to believe that a powered caddy represents a better investment in their game than buying a new set of clubs. This is highlighted especially in America, where just under half (49%) of powered caddy users wish they had switched sooner.

Popular models

The compact-folding M7 REMOTE features a rechargeable handset, removable anti-tip rear wheel and automatic Downhill Control technology for the ultimate in responsive control. Utilizing advancements in remote control technology, the ‘ergonomic’ remote handset is extremely easy to use and fully rechargeable – using the caddys USB charging port if needed.

The award-winning M5 GPS DHC offers fully-integrated GPS built into a super-responsive 3.5” touchscreen display. It boasts 40,000 preloaded courses with distances to the front, middle and back of the green; essential hazard information; and the ability to move the flag position. Automatic downhill control technology ensures the caddy maintains a constant speed when moving down a gradient and is bolstered by all-terrain wheels and an electronic parking brake, perfect for planting the caddy on an uphill or downhill slope.

*The research was carried out among American men and women golfers in July and August 2021 by leading sports research company Sports Marketing Surveys Inc., with the aim of understanding how, when and why different groups use golf caddies to convey their clubs around the course.

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