S7 REMOTE Electric Trolley

The first remote control model in the Motocaddy range boasts one of the trolley sector’s most sophisticated guidance systems, utilising two motors to provide a combination of power and precision, plus an anti-tip wheel to ensure stability on the most challenging golf course terrains.

Based on the same frame design as the award-winning S-Series range, it comes with a control system that allows golfers to adjust how much the trolley turns to the left or right simply by varying the pressure applied to buttons on the handset. An innovative tilt function helps compensate for the effect of lateral slopes, while the advanced electronics also make it possible to switch from remote to manual control if required.

IDEAL FOR : Golfers looking for an intelligent remote model with exceptional control



  • Forward, left, right & reverse controls
  • Dual pressure handset buttons
  • Pause & resume feature
  • Easy manual control mode
  • Lateral slope compensation
  • 50m range safety cut-out
  • 45 second hibernation feature
  • Rear anti-tip wheel
  • Patented USB charging port
  • QUIKFOLD mechanism
  • Adjustable bag supports
  • EASILOCK™ compatible
  • Available in Black or Alpine

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WEIGHT:13kg (without battery) / 16.2kg (with battery)
DIMENSIONS*:1010mm(L) x 610mm(W) x 335mm(H)
MOTOR:2 x 230w
COLOURS:Black & Alpine

*folded dimensions

Information relating to Hedgehog Winter Wheel compatibility:

Please note that it is not possible to use Hedgehog Winter Wheels on a Motocaddy S7 REMOTE trolley when ‘Remote’ mode is engaged as they prevent the wheels from being controlled individually. Motocaddy Hedgehog Winter Wheels can be fitted and safely used on the S7 REMOTE when used in ‘Manual’ mode.


Media Testimonials

Martin Hopley, Golfalot:

“The Motocaddy S7 REMOTE was up there as one of the most enjoyable pieces of golf equipment I have used in a long time and I had a smile on my face all day. The excitement from picking up the remote control was like driving your first remote controlled car as a kid and I doubt whether that feeling will ever disappear.

Not only that, but I felt it was quicker and easier to get around the course than using a manual trolley and certainly a lot less effort. It collapsed easily and quickly and taking the bag on and off was very easy, especially if you have a Motocaddy bag that can use EASILOCK. So put the bag down and pick up the S7 REMOTE as this type of trolley could be mainstream in another 10 years’ time."

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Joel Tadman, Golf Monthly:

“The Motocaddy S7 REMOTE was a joy to use. It’s quick and easy to put together and the concept takes little time to grasp, soon becoming second nature. I found it useful in a multitude of situations, mostly looking for balls in the rough, saving valuable time. If you love gadgets and being the talk of your fourball, the S7 REMOTE is well worth a try."

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